Xtreme Diesel

Xtreme Diesel
Winters Oil is proud to be Certified as a Power Service Xtreme Diesel Fuel Distributor in Fairfield, TX. For over 40 years, Winters has been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality fuel and lubricants available. Xtreme certification is one more part of that commitment.

As the name implies, Xtreme is no ordinary diesel fuel. This is diesel fuel treated with the most advanced additives on the market; this is Technology Transformed Fuel by Power Service Products. Power Service formulates cutting-edge fuel treatments that deliver optimum performance from diesel engines.

When it comes to power, performance and quality, nobody in the industry knows more or does it better than Power Service. They specialize in diesel and diesel only, formulating unique treatment blends designed to help diesel engines run more efficiently and last longer. We’re proud to provide our customers with Power Services quality and dependability.

Xtreme Diesel Certification requires us to blend our diesels year-around with Power Service additives. No matter the time of year, our fuel will keep your engines running and your business moving at peak performance. That’s the promise of Technology Transformed Fuel.

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Winters Oil: Driving your business forward—to the Xtreme.