Xtreme Diesel

Winters Oil is proud to be Certified as a Power Service Xtreme Diesel Fuel Distributor in Fairfield, TX. For over 40 years, Winters has been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality fuel and lubricants available. Xtreme certification is one more part of that commitment. As the name implies, Xtreme is no ordinary diesel fuel. This is diesel fuel treated with the most advanced additives on the market [Read More…]


Winters Oil has been supplying customers throughout Texas with high quality, wholesale diesel for over 40 years. We attend to the exacting specifications of every business we serve. We sell and transport on-road and off-road diesel products to customers from a range of industries, including: Retail, farming, trucking, construction, drilling and manufacturing. [Read More]


Winters Oil has supplied wholesale gas in Texas since 1972. We deliver high-quality branded and unbranded fuels to a range of industries:

–Oil production

Whether you require low-, medium- or high-grade octane, we sell it; we deliver it. No matter your business, our business is filling and delivering all your bulk-fuel needs. [Read More…]

Kerosene & Naphtha

Is your business seeking a dependable, affordable bulk K1-kerosene supplier? You’ve come to the right place. Kerosene, which is typically used in outdoor storage, agricultural equipment, and disasters and other emergencies, is produced from crude oil. [Read More…]

Varsol™ Fluids

Varsol fluids, which are commonly referred to as mineral or white spirits, are traditional solvents. In industry, varsol fluids have been used for decades. They were developed to replace kerosene as a less-volatile solvent. Varsol fluids have narrower boiling points compared to kerosene products. [Read More]