Our premium diesel fuels save, on average, between 4% and 8% in yearly fuel costs. They also increase horsepower, while keeping injectors clean. Check out our Xtreme Diesel.

Winters Oil has been supplying customers throughout Texas with high quality, wholesale diesel for over 40 years. We attend to the exacting specifications of every business we serve. We sell and transport on-road and off-road diesel products to customers from a range of industries, including: Retail, farming, trucking, construction, drilling and manufacturing.

Our experienced crew prides itself on providing safe, on-time delivery that’s always within budget. Whether you need highway-grade, ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), off-road dyed diesel, or something else, Winters Oil delivers unparalleled quality and second-to-none customer service. And we deliver them on time, every time—guaranteed.

Call Winters Oil today at 903-872-4166 or 903-389-3161 and let’s talk about how we can deliver for your business.

Winters Oil: Driving your business forward—to the Xtreme.